Sundoo Indian Tapas & Bar


Highly acclaimed restaurateur and chef, Seelan Sundoo, brings his brand of excellence to Seapoint, with his most recent – and arguably most exciting of his ventures, Sundoo – with the promise of the most tantalising tapas and a bar equipped to serve discerning clientele. The innovative concept behind this gorgeous restaurant is sure to bring a twinkle to the eyes and lips of local foodies, with Sundoo’s sporting a New York-styled South Indian Tapas and Bar! Yes, we said New York-styled and South Indian in the same breath – and Sundoo’s seems to fuse the two seemingly opposing ideas rather seamlessly!

Seelan brings with him, the legacy of many esteemed restaurants, having honed his expertise over almost 2 decades of working with the best in the industry! And while his work at La Perla, Shimmy Beach Club and Reserve Brasserie inspire thoughts of fun, fabulous food and sophisticated nights out with your favourite foodies, Sundoo’s is ultimately a labour of pure love, with Seelan big-heartedly sharing his Kerala heritage – and cuisine –  with the Mother City and her tourists seeking some chic Southern Indian cuisine!

Speaking of which, the food is to die for! You would be hard-pressed to find a restaurant expressed with such understated exuberance that serves this kind of authentic cuisine, with diners treated to many succulent chicken, duck and quail dishes prepared in the traditional Tandoori oven! Add to that, the decadence of spicy curries, created from fresh, organically sourced produce and conjured into culinary masterpieces, and of course, his famous dosas, and you have all the ingredients (and more) for an exciting time out – and since their tapas are designed to be shared, bring along your favourite foodies for good measure! Oh, and did we mention, his ingredients are grown exclusively for use in his restaurant on a farm in Wellington? This is serious dedication and integrity – and must filter through to the robust flavours bound to bring Sundoo’s its own brand of fame!

Mr Seelan Sundoo, says of his namesake, Sundoo’s, that his intention was to create a stylish, intimate environment, where diners can enjoy flavourful South Indian Curries, Tandooris, prepared in a traditional Tandoori oven, mouth-watering biryani’s and fresh crispy dosas – well, that mission is a delicious success, Mr Sundoo!

Reminiscing about the time with his grandmother in Durban, who was instrumental in cultivating his love of good food and traditional cooking techniques, Seelan wants to share the organic, spice-rich heritage with a lot of heart, with his Sundoo guests!

We could wax lyrical about Sundoo’s until eternity, but with Seelan Sundoo behind Sundoo’s – New-York-styled Indian tapas and bar – we know that’s the perfect recipe for a night on the town, enticed by spice – and savoured in elegance!