Italian Kitchen, Tokai

Italian Kitchen, in Tokai, was the first of its kind when it opened in 2008, long before the launch of the Newlands branch – and it still enjoys a firm following by its loyal foodie fans!

This successful restaurant is a cosy, warm and inviting space, with all the charm of an authentic Italian eatery straight from Italia to you! Succumb to the sense of satisfaction only good, wholesome food can provide, and feel like you’re dining in a trattoria in the heart of Italy!

While they’re famous for their renowned wood-fired square pizzas, their super burgers, grilled pork chops, seafood pasta and delicious beverages keep bringing their fans back – again and again!

Italian Kitchen and their expert staff pride themselves on serving the highest quality comfort food, with all the aromas and flavours expected from good food!  And if you’re planning a party soon, why not reserve their private dining room, or perhaps book your next kiddie’s party there? Then again, you could also opt to get them to cater your next function – and sit back and watch your guests enthusiastically devour their dinner!

Mamma Mia, could you ask for more?