African Croc Dive

Adventurously situated in the heart of the Winelands, on the Le Bonneur Crocodile Farm in Paarl, lies the African Crocdive company, where thrill-seekers find their dose of much-coveted excitement!
Being Cape Town’s first ever Crocodile Cage Diving spot, African Crocdive relishes the opportunity to offer their guests an exclusively unique experience, fuelled by adrenaline and the surging exhilaration derived from close encounters of the crocodile kind!
Imagine being safely locked within a cage, submerged below the surface of the water, while these prehistoric predators glide past, donning a snide grin, implying they know something we don’t! Come face-to-face with these majestic creatures and attempt to remember to smile for the shutterbugs as they capture your moment in the cage, promising that the picture can be purchased after the dive – as proof of your nerves of steel!
This uber-fun activity is accessible to anyone 9 years and older, and since all diving equipment, including secondskins, booties, masks and towels are provided at no extra cost, alongside a safety briefing before handing out the diving gear, all that is required of African Crocdive visitors, is that they bring along their fiercest fearlessness, a healthy dose of adrenaline and of course, the depths of ambitious thrill-seeking!
The Le Bonneur Crocodile Farm, housing over 1000 crocodiles, invites their visitors to visit the in-house Deli, perhaps to grab a bite and beverage while they behold the beauty of the panoramic views, before they immerse themselves in the African Crocdive experience – and live to tell the tale!