Al’s Place

Rondebosch is finally ready to share it best-kept-secret with the rest of us! Al’s Place is located in the perfect hiding place opposite the train station and welcomes you to their place with a warmth and hospitality immediately apparent!

The décor is unpretentious, but the atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, with regulars and newbies appreciating the chance to unwind with a good, value-filled meal, taking them back to a day and age where dinners were family affairs, meant to be relished over great company and mouthfuls of wholesome comfort food!

One is sure to find the best steaks at Al’s but their well-balanced menu also includes authentic wood-fired pizzas, the freshest seafood dishes, appetizing chicken dishes, pork dishes and vegetarian dishes bursting with flavours!

Take full advantage of the Award-winning owner and chef, Alan Tavares’s years of experience and expertise and discover the secret so many others have discovered – that dining at Al’s Place, is truly the best experience, sharing amazing food, scintillating company and making memories to last a lifetime!