Billy Boo's Cakery

The hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan suburb of Observatory seems to find a sense of contented excitement at the uber-cool Billy Boo’s Cakery!

Yeah, it’s a bakery that’s the ultimate cakery! This quaint and cozy owner-run coffee shop is as trendy as its surroundings and charms its way into every guest’s sweetest heart! The owners, Tau and Lianne, met while honing in on their skills at pastry school, shared a vision for a contemporary bakery, with a twist, of course, and then created one - ensuring that each item tastes as good as it looks!

Feast your eyes on quirky cupcakes in all colours, flavours and designs, while their cakes boast Billy Boo’s signature naked dripping cakes - and their wedding cakes are poised to steal the limelight at every opportunity! Their tarts are stupendously stunning, and their macarons, are hand-made, prepared in the traditional French technique, boasting a spectrum of colours and flavours, with finishing touches that speak to the utter dedication, creativity and innovation that Billy Boo represents! And to accompany these perfect sweet treats, are their specialty coffees – with the added decadence of whole chocolate bars crushed into them!

Little artistic masterpieces of absolute edible delight in every bite – that’s the Billy Boo Cakery way!