The Blue Crane & The Butterfly

Stellenbosch’s quaint town area hides many little gems worth exploring and one such gem, is The Blue Crane and the Butterfly – a cozy coffee shop and restaurant located on Dorp Street!

Owned and managed by Scottish husband and South African wife, Mike and Chrisna, this coffee shop exudes personality, with uniquely eclectic décor, wooden tables, silver chairs and lots of quirky elements that add to its appeal!

Diners enjoy the funky vibe, the fusion of old-world charm and contemporary features, along with unrivalled ideas, like a bookshelf filled with a variety of interesting cookbooks, lending ideas and increasing appetites to fully enjoy the meals at The Blue Crane and the Butterfly!

Their coffee has institutionalized the need to for great quality coffee and never ceases to exceed the expectations of locals and tourists alike, and their food is the kind of wholesome, nourishing soul-food that makes everything seem better and every day seem brighter!

Full of personal touches, intellectual wall art regarding the meaning behind this coffee shop’s name and many, many tiny little details afforded the utmost attention, The Blue Crane and the Butterfly is where memories are made!