Buonvino Restaurant

The gorgeous Protea Hotel in Durbanville houses the upmarket and stylish Buonvino Restaurant – ready to please your palate with taste sensations you’ve only dreamt about!

 Their vast, Italian-inspired menu is bursting with flavours from authentic pastas and pizzas, to perfectly prepared grills and fresh seafood dishes, oozing with herbs and spices that take your taste-buds on a culinary trip to the quaint little gems in every corner of Italy!   

 Diners are treated to chic cocktails and top-notch wines, with wine racks dotted throughout the restaurant, adding to the elegance of a meal savoured at Buonvino! And once you’ve sufficiently satisfied your need for a hearty meal with sips of any wine your heart desires, why not indulge your sweetest tooth with a decadent dessert?

 The dark wood and carpeted floors lends this space to the sense of old-world elegance associated with the best quality establishments, and Buonvino is no exception! With indoor seating offering an intimate dining experience, or outdoor seating for a more casual dining experience, Buonvino appeals to all tastes!

 Spilling out from the warm and vibey bar and lounge area, is the pool – the perfect hangout spot on those scorching summer days – and for those chilly winter days, the crackling fireplace offers a toasty setting to a wholesome meal!

Escape to the Durbanville Wine Route and experience the best that the winelands has to offer, at Buonvino Restaurant –where Value beyond Expectation is the order of the day!