Café Nood

Craving some really good, wholesome and flavourful food? Café Nood, in the leafy suburb of Claremont, has you covered!

This European-styled café is owned by enthusiastic foodie couple, Anton and Margo Dekker, who have a passion for fabulous food, made with the highest quality ingredients delivered daily, and then whipped up into appetizingly mouth-watering, innovative dishes, ready to astound those fortunate enough to dine at Café Nood!

This hidden gem is quickly gaining popularity, along with rave reviews, for their amazing food – and their outstanding levels of service! Add to this, the option to be seated indoors or outdoors, and your breakfast or lunch is certain to be memorable! There’s also an art exhibition, showcasing some awesome talent, and creating a beautiful background to your meal, with a percentage of proceeds of each artwork sold being donated to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital!

They also focus on deliciously healthy food options, bursting with flavours and textures, sure to please the most ravenous of appetites. And before you leave, a cup of coffee from Café Nood is an absolute must, with the owners and staff taking great pride in their freshly roasted blend, sourced from Strictly Coffee – and arguably the best coffee you’ll ever consume!

Café Nood – the café you need!