Captain's Kitchen

The stunning, and up-market Eden on the Bay Lifestyle Mall, packed with many lifestyle-enhancing stores, invites all our foodie Wikipeeps to indulge at Captain’s Kitchen – and enjoy every moment!

Entice your favourite foodie friends into joining you at the uber-popular Captain’s Kitchen, where they can feast on a variety of scrumptious meal choices, including wholesome breakfast options, scintillating grills, tantalizing seafood, piping hot pizzas, sensational sushi, bursting burgers and of course, wines, beers and cocktails to delight every diner!

Indoor seating offers a relaxed, comfortable setting, perfect for sports enthusiasts, while outdoor searing offers gorgeous, panoramic views of our iconic Table Mountain, pristine beaches, and of course our world-famous Cape horizon!  Feasting on an array of delectable dishes, diners are able to savour the flavours, textures and the subtlety of perfectly paired wines, while entertaining daydreams inspired by the spectacular views!

Service beyond reproach, food beyond expectation and an ambiance to suit any occasion, Captain’s Kitchen is always warm, welcoming and willing to please their diners!