Dodge City Diner, Crawford

Dodge City Diner is located within the Kromboom Garden Centre and is part of a hugely successful brand – and a real treat for Rondebosch East residents!

This popular American-styled diner takes its diners on a trip back in time into what it must’ve been like in a 1970’s American Diner, with retro-styled wall-art, retro-styled furniture and an old-fashioned menu board, with lots of funky little elements that add to the appeal of a bygone era!

A legendary eatery, Dodge City Diner, has a huge fan following and are mostly known for their sumptuous beef and chicken burgers, sensational grills, decadent desserts and gourmet milkshakes! This Halaal restaurant is vibey, colourful and a thrill to its diners, who are always excited to enjoy a meal in this time capsule of foodie note! Their prawns and calamari are a dream to seafood-lovers and their salads are healthier alternatives, without compromising on flavour!

Grab your family, friends and hungry neighbours and head to Dodge City Diner, and tuck into an All-American dinner, in the company of your favourite people and be a part of their history!