Dodge City Diner, Ottery

Ottery diners can attest to the splendour of dining at a real diner – and Dodge City Diner at the Ottery Centre is their favourite!

This super popular American-style diner sports a very retro feel, with décor, furniture, wall-art and menu boards in styling comparable with American diners dating back to the 1970’s. This legendary diner is a favourite among the locals, having gathered quite a fan following since it opened.

Dodge City Diner is a Halaal establishment, boasting a comprehensive menu, encompassing chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, but it’s usually their tempting burgers that keep patrons returning again and again! Their celebrated milkshakes are a must-try – and with all the options on offer, diners would be delighted to choose a different flavour with every visit!

Whether you’re popping in for a quick coffee between meetings, carving out some quality time with your favourite person, taking the family out for dinner, or meeting up with some friends, Dodge City Diner, with its old fashioned American charm, is always a good idea!

Go on, share in the joy!