Dulce Cafe, Kenilworth

The Dulce Café group was first established in 1984, and enjoys a fabulous reputation among foodies and avid coffee-drinkers!

Kenilworth Centre’s Dulce Café is now under new management, but continues to be the delectable stalwart it has always been, and enjoys rave reviews, appreciative compliments as well as a bustling trade of shoppers catching a quick bite between running their errands, and friends, couples and families coming by for their fix of food, the Dulce way!

Their rave reviews and exceptionally high ratings for their food and service is indicative of their attention to detail and their passion for delivering wholesome, flavourful cuisine to cater to the most discerning of palates! This branch is also now Halaal, catering to food-lovers on a quest to find Halaal food establishments offering decadent cuisine!

In addition to their world-class range of coffees, often the reason many of their regulars refer to them as a destination spot, they also serve an assortment of healthy smoothies and innovative food options from an extensive menu, always using the freshest ingredients and always served with the Dulce brand of warm hospitality!

Strategically positioned between the concept of a coffee shop and a restaurant, this continental café, or espresso bar, strives to offer their diners culinary fare in the true European tradition, often exceeding their expectations!

Top notch foodies agree, Dulce Café, is the place to be!