The prestigious Tygerwaterfront presents to Asian-food-appreciators everywhere, the renowned restaurant – making quite a name for themselves with each and every happy diner!

This up-market restaurant offers the ultimate in premier authentic Asian cuisine and a variety of sushi styles – along with beverages and dreamy sweet treats upon which to feast!  Prepared by traditional chefs, diners can expect to have their taste buds tickled, teased and excited by the boisterous flavour combinations in some dishes and subtlety of various taste infusions in other dishes!

The indoor seating is warm and intimate, while the outdoor seating is poised on a deck that overlooks the lake, with gorgeous views bringing a sense of calm and contentment to diners!   

Earning rave reviews from their diners, the entire concept behind this eatery is driven by authenticity, passion and the best in quality and flavours – with warm and friendly staff to enhance the dining experience even further!