Hawksmoor House

Hawksmoor House, located in the Mother City’s lush Stellenbosch area on a 220-hectare wine farm, and is the perfect getaway destination, offering something for everyone seeking some quiet time away! 

This relaxing Cape Dutch country retreat, portrays an accurate reflection of what life must have been like when this estate was built, with meticulous restoration, exquisite antiques dotting every room and a sense of old-world charm offering an insight into a life far calmer than our current lives! 

Along with their esteemed guests, this sprawling estate also hosts German Pointers, horses, cows, porcupines, hawks, pelicans and countless other wildlife, entertaining and fascinating guests as they relax and unwind in this unspoilt piece of history! And boasting a Certificate of Excellence award for 2015, Hawksmoor House certainly steps up to modern expectations as easily as it slips into an age-old reality! 

Synonymous with tranquility and serenity, Hawksmoor House is the ultimate place to find balance and escape the hustle and bustle of relentlessly busy city life, leaving more time to cultivate a sense of harmony! 

Hawksmoor House is quaint country-living at its best, with dirt roads, candle-lit dinners, animal sounds in the dead of night, and idyllic sunrises and sunsets that promise a new day filled with calm contentment!