Jade Court

Tyger Valley Waterfront’s incredibly popular brand, Jade Court, invites all Chinese-food enthusiasts to dine in style!

Earning rave reviews for their authentically traditional cuisine, as well as their innovative dishes, with keen attention paid to maintaining the use of only the top quality, freshest produce, this very, very popular restaurant enjoys a steady flow of regular fans, accumulating more each day!

Located in the prestigious and up-market Tyger Valley Waterfront, Jade Court offers their diners outdoor seating options, overlooking a tranquil lake, surrounded by only the best in architecture and luscious greenery! Summer evenings epitomize whimsical dinners, with fairy lights adding to the allure of the gorgeous lake, upon which to gaze while savouring every morsel!

Serving freshly prepared Chinese cuisine and Sushi., accompanied by a full bar, diners are treated to the ultimate dining experience with their flawless duck, chow mein, sweet and sour options, spring-rolls and dim sum, as well as arguably the best Sushi around!

Candle-light dinners, an inviting ambiance and food designed to mesmerize the senses, Jade Court personifies a perfect Chinese-cuisine-inspired experience!