Koffi Terapi

Durbanville indulges its foodies with the opening of the uber-cool Koffi Terapi!

Picture flamboyant décor, bright colours and ultra modern lighting, with quirky elements everywhere, indicative of the creativity, innovation and fun behind this brand! And just before you think that the fun ends at the décor, think again, as it pours over into the menu, and the awesome service delivery!

 Litha, the proud owner, offers her diners a cozy coffee shop, bathed in the warmth of the friendliness of the staff, along with a menu that promises the best in light meals, warm beverages and wickedly decadent sweet treats to entice even the most dedicated dieters!

 While the fact that they’re child friendly, fully licensed, and offer Wifi are great reasons to visit, it is undoubtedly their exciting meal options, interesting presentation and fusions of flavours that ultimately draw the crowds back again and again!

 Go on, take the plunge and treat your taste-buds to Koffi Terapi – and add to their constantly expanding fan-base as you contemplate your next return!