La Bella Rosa

Gorgeousness abounds at this stunning eatery in Durbanville, that happens to go by the equally elegant name of La Bella Rosa!

 It has been said that the act of eating, is not just consumption of food, but rather an entirely sensory experience, providing physical nourishment, stimulation and intellectual gratification – and at La Bella Rosa, it’s crystal clear that they adhere to the same ethos! Up-market, luxurious and boasting sophisticated décor, with an air of gracious class, this beautiful restaurant is perfect for preppy breakfast meetings, long, languid lunches, and of course, a much-deserved dessert feast, with decadent cakes on offer that taste as amazing as they look!

 Committed to providing healthier options to their diners, La Bella Rosa hasn’t lost their focus on providing robust flavours, interesting textures and innovative dishes that have diners returning again and again, savouring every bite until the very last morsel!

 Warm, welcoming and hospitable, La Bella Rosa invites you and yours to dine in their lavish restaurant, certain that they’ll exceed your expectations and treat you to a meal worth remembering!

After all, at La Bella Rosa, they want to inspire their guests to add a bit more sweetness to their everyday lives!