La Vigna - NH The Lord Charles Somerset West

A drive through the gorgeously luscious Helderberg region reveals a great deal about why this area is so sought-after, and the cherry on top of it all? Well, that has to be the La Vigna Restaurant, located at the exclusive, multi-award-winning NH Lord Charles Somerset, in Somerset West!

The innate stylish and chic décor style lends itself to an ambiance that invites opulence, decadence and a relaxed sense of contentment, with minimalist lines, various interesting textures as well as a preference for eclectic table settings!

Reflecting the same intimate sense of warmth synonymous with the NH Lord Charles, La Vigna extends their hospitality to all their guests, welcoming them to dine on a feast of local and international gourmet cuisine, with a keen focus on Asian cuisine, although their innovative dishes like their Gourmet Sirloin Burgers deserve a mention of their own! Their cellar boasts a magnificent collection, as well as offering the perfect space for a gathering, hosting around 18 people!

Fine dining, draped in sophisticated elegance, fragranced by perfect selections of spices, herbs, fabulously fresh ingredients and exuding an air of graceful flair, La Vigna Restaurant is for the discerning diner seeking the pinnacle of fine dining!