Marc’s Table, Sugar Hotel

The uber-prestigious, 5-Star Sugar Hotel on Somerset Road in Green Point, is home to Marc’s Table, an upmarket, elegant and stylish restaurant, steeped in the kind of sophistication that personifies class.

With a seamless flow from the inside seating area to the outdoor seating deck, diners can immediately sense that their culinary whims and fancies will be catered for! Marc’s Table invites its guests to an exclusive, gourmet dining experience, with world-class signature dishes prepared by owner and chef, Marc van Rooyen.

The contrast of woods and face-brick walls, with the audaciously luxurious padded couches with fresh green and crisp white pillows, is exactly the kind of warm, but trendy and contemporary ambiance that makes Marc’s Table so sought after!

This top notch eatery offers culinary masterpieces in the form of meals that are perfectly prepared and plated with an understanding of how diners dine with their eyes before a single morsel ever dares to pass their lips! This combination of wonder and flavour, is the reason behind numerous food critiques vouching for the splendour of a Marc’s Table dining experience!

Speaking of which, experience the grand hospitality of Marc’s Table – they can’t wait to meet you!