Melissa’s The Food Shop

The much-celebrated Melissa’s The Food Shop, pretty much makes it clear by their name what the reasons behind their fame are!

Tygervalley offers their residents and visitors, this gorgeous eatery, which caters to refined tastes, elegant dispositions and those who appreciate the value of good food! Melissa’s is a one stop shop, focussing on wholesome, tasty food, glorious gift options, as well as practical and aesthetically pleasing, well designed homeware items!

This ultra-popular brand epitomises quality, evidenced by their endearing reviews of innovative meals made from the freshest, purest produce and relished with fervour! It’s hard to isolate what Melissa’s is most famous for, but suffice it to say, that their freshly baked quiches, pies, cakes, health-bread sandwiches, and of course, their renowned artisan coffee pleases the most discerning of palates! The personification of uncompromising quality, Melissa’s The Food Shop, earns every grateful sigh of satisfaction and every compliment that comes their way!

Whether guests opt to be seated in the trendy restaurant area, or grab a quick gourmet treat from the deli – or perhaps pop in to select a beautiful, unique gift for a loved one, Melissa's The Food Shop, is bound to rise to the occasion and exceed their every expectation!