Newlands Brewery

South African Breweries, one of South Africa’s most recognisable brands, is also one of the oldest and most enduring!

Based in Newlands, SAB was originally started in the early-1800s, with SA’s oldest commercial brewery, Mariendahl Brewery, built by Jacob Letterstedt. In 1956, SAB took official ownership of the brewery, with the original buildings stoically preserved and serving as pillars that proudly stood the test of time, and in 1995, these same buildings were awarded National Heritage Status, with these stalwarts dating back all the way to 1820!

SAB, world-renowned for their famous Beers, created by using absolutely no additives, but instead, uses only the goodness of water, which they source from 2 springs they own the rights to, malt, maize and hops, all pulled together through the action of brewer’s yeast! Each perfect beer takes about 3 weeks to brew, progressing through the processes of mashing, fermentation and maturation. Between the exceptional quality of their ingredients, and the combined experience of their brewers exceeding 150 years, it’s certainly no surprise that their award-winning beers are always the main attraction!

Embark on a journey of interesting facts, with SAB’s Brewery Tour, where guests get to take a walk through history, sipping, tasting and savouring each of the famous brews celebrating 100% pure, natural refreshment with almost 200 years of tradition, all in the shadow of a majestic mountain!

Once you have a deep appreciation of the journey of your beer, from raw product to bottle, can or keg, why not visit the Jacob Letterstedt Pub and the Memorabilia Store – the best way to commemorate your trip to the legendary SAB!