Carnivorous foodies find their irresistible lip-smacking food fix at the uber-trendy Rack n Grill Food Truck!

With particular attention to satisfying ambitious appetites for their brand of flavours, this mobile meal provider prides itself on offering the ultimate in mouth-watering ribs and belly-filling burgers, in addition to a few other items!

While they are based at the oval market at Kenilworth Racecourse every Wednesday, and can be found at the Rondebosch Park Market once a month, their fans have no qualms in following them to wherever they happen to be plating up meals of absolute nourishing taste, whether at their usual spots, or at once-off special events!

Foodies in the know ensure that they follow Rack n Grill on all their social media platforms so that they don’t miss out on their succulent ribs or their pure hand-pressed beef burgers, inspiring a cult following of their own – and with grilled mushrooms, sauces, cheese and caramelized onions, who can blame them?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hungriest buddies and follow the Rack n Grill Food Truck trail, to claim your share of the stickiest ribs and juiciest burgers – and then boast about it to all your other friends!