The Mother City’s beautiful coastal suburb of Hout Bay is home to the uber-cool Ragafellows – where each diner is brought into a surreal setting, with mind-blowing food and an ambiance reminiscent of a movie set!

Renowned for their amazingly wholesome comfort food and their tantalizingly innovative gourmet burgers and grills, Ragafellows knows exactly which flavour combinations to celebrate to elicit the greatest taste sensations from their guests!

Evoking a sense of adventure, curiosity and whimsical fun, this unique eatery exists in an old house that has been converted into a restaurant, with interior décor inspired by the Steampunk era and an outdoor courtyard, allowing diners to feast under the trees!

Old-school cuisine, dotted with fresh new twists, an eclectic mix of décor elements – and drinks that are the stuff dreams are made of – with exciting cocktails never heard of or sipped on anywhere else!  

Owned and run by 2 brothers who share a passion for fabulous food, Ragafellows has institutionalized itself as a fellowship of food – so, go on, join the fellowship and be a part of the food experience revolution, where every bite is a culinary adventure!!