Redies Chinese Restaurant

Redies Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, conveniently located in the Kenridge area, specializes in Peking, Shanghai and Szechuan and premium quality sushi.

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Chinese cuisine, with all the edible trimmings, and redefine your idea of what a gastronomic dining experience should entail! Catering for all tastes, moods and preferences, Redies offers their discerning diners a variety of choices, from eggs to chicken, seafood to steak and of course dumplings, Peking duck and Szechuan hot pots. And while all their traditional dishes claim their fair share of fame, it is undoubtedly their sushi that steals the show, with various delectable options, each piece presented beautifully – and tasting even better! 

Relax, unwind and settle in to enjoy a timeous meal in the company of your favourite foodies, in a setting that is warm, inviting and homely, with the added hospitality of staff who make the experience at Redies even more enticing and seamless! 

Catering for events within the restaurant and for home parties, your guests are treated to a feast that will leave you being hailed as the best hostess ever! 

And did we mention their flawless sushi?