Saddles Halaal Family Resturant

The Saddles franchise certainly needs no introduction, with copious numbers of steak lovers claiming it as the ultimate spot for good steak, accompanied by excellent dishes, fabulous beverages and of course, their trademark warm hospitality!

The Saddles Steak Ranch located in Bellville, has recently been re-launched as a Halaal store, offering the same kind of cuisine they’ve become renowned for, with the added perk of being Halaal! They also offer a play area, much to the delight of energetic kids and their parents, who finally have the opportunity to relax!

Catering to a broad variety of tastes and appetites, this popular family-friendly restaurant prides itself on offering top-notch Super A-Grade steaks, prepared to the specification of each diner, along with brimming burgers, tender chicken, the freshest seafood and hearty pizzas – this is nourishing, wholesome and flavourful soul-food in every bite!

Invite the entire family along, or make it a get-together of friends catching up – or be selfish and enjoy every morsel by yourself – but make Saddles Steak Ranch, Bellville, your next stop! You’ll be ecstatic that you did!