Sangrita Tequila Bar

Cape Town’s Woodstock area has always been renowned for its eclectic, dynamic mix of foodie and leisure spots, and the Sangrita Tequila Bar is certainly no exception!

All foodie amigos are invited to bring their heartiest appetites, their most vicious hunger pangs and their most insatiable cravings for siesta-inducing authentic Mexican cuisine!  The décor style is filled with spicy reds and mustards, reminiscent of the food they serve, of course, and their guests can vouch for the taste sensations that seem to accompany every dish served here!

The ambiance is festive, fun and full of spirited life, with happy diners feasting on all things Mexican and taking full advantage of the warm and friendly service, the allure of tantalizing, nourishing and wholesome food – and of course, margaritas and tequilas to keep coming back for!

Sangrita Tequila Bar – where the fabulous food and fun’s at – and where the party never ends!