Saveur, Simon's Town

Our historic Simonstown is home to the popular Saveur Restaurant, a firm foodie favourite amongst the locals and tourists alike!

Diners are encouraged to savour a leisurely meal, relishing every bite while gazing out upon the Simonstown Harbour, the endless horizon offering the perfect backdrop!  This modern, European-styled eatery, renowned for their consistent attention to providing good, fresh food and the highest quality service standards, invites their diners to feast on their signature dishes, and perhaps try their exciting flavours, fused together by expert chefs who strive to offer the pinnacle of dining excellence!

With a keen sense of responsibility, Saveur prides itself on their commitment to their environment and community, reassuring their clients that they’re in good company! Contemporary décor, gourmet cuisine and gastronomic experiences await culinary aficionados  at the uber-stylish Saveur Restaurant!

Understated elegance, sumptuous dishes and attentive staff, all guided by the intrinsic ethos of the Saveur brand, add to the luxurious experience of a meal shared and enjoyed by all those fortunate enough to find themselves mesmerized by the sheer prowess of Saveur’s masterpieces!