Scheckter's Raw

The eclectic mix of stores in Regent Road in the Sea Point area of our gorgeous Mother City, has always attracted the curiosity of many locals and tourists and we bring to you, one such option, that will leave you fully sated, and ultimately gob-smacked – in all the right ways, of course!

Toby Scheckter, famous South African racing driver, is the proud owner of this magnificent feat of innovative ingenuity, sparked by an obsession with health food, that neither compromised on nutritional integrity, nor on presentation and flavour!

And with that brilliant balance in mind, Scheckter’s Raw was born! Visiting Scheckter’s Raw, is like stepping into a space that was created, designed and fashioned around health-conscious foodies, who appreciate the finer things in life, along with an ambiance that is inviting, but unpretentious and décor that alludes entirely to the fare they have on offer – this is organic vegan food made with passion and love and ready to be shared!

This unique eatery prides itself on offering natural, authentic, honest, plant-based, cruelty-free and nutrient dense food, sourcing their ingredients from only the best local and international suppliers, ensuring end products that are not only healthy, but a feast for the senses, too!

If you’ve been seeking a more health-conscious approach to your diet, but were despondent by the lack of exciting options, opt for Scheckter’s Raw – take a bite and be rooted in the good stuff – whether you choose something with quinoa, hummus, almonds, buckwheat or greens – or you decide to indulge in an organic raw “Snickers Bar”, this is gourmet health cuisine at its absolute best!