Sticks McGee

The uber-popular Sticks McGee Restaurant and Bar, conveniently located in Rondebosch, certainly needs no introduction, with locals raving about everything from the food to the relaxing atmosphere!

Offering the best in delectably wholesome breakfasts, snacks, salads, pizzas and burgers bursting with flavours and textures, Sticks McGee is also renowned for their gourmet milkshakes! And for a really fun night out with the buddies, why not opt for the amazing gems in their selection of sought-after local wines, array of craft beers, cheeky cocktails or esteemed Origin Coffee?

While diners appreciate the amazing quality of their food, it’s also the laid-back, chilled ambiance, fun atmosphere, and of course, a toss-up between the electrifying live music - and the adrenaline-fuelled sporting events showcased on the large TV screens, that keeps discerning diners returning time and time again!

Synonymous with real food, stuffed with value and seasoned with warm hospitality, Sticks McGee prides itself on the ultimate dining experience, inviting their guests to sip on artisan coffees, while immersing themselves in the pleasure of listening to fantastic local talent and jazz artists serenading them and making delicious new memories that are set to last a lifetime!