Sundoo Indian Tapas & Bar

The name, Sundoo, is synonymous with class, sophistication and glamour – and Sundoo South Indian Tapas and Bar, located in Sea Point, is no exception!

Celebrated Chef and restaurateur, Seelan Sundoo, has a knack for adding his Midas touch to every idea he sees through, the most recent of which, stands as firm testimony to the fact that this man’s genius is pure magic! Seelan shares his own Kerala culture with this latest venture, boasting South Indian cuisine, but in a stylish, typical New-York-style gourmet tapas bar, with a streamlined, chic and elegant setting!

This restaurant houses a traditional Tandoori oven, ensuring their guests indulge in the most succulently tender chicken, duck and quail dishes, with yogurts and spices adding to the aromatic allure of good Indian food! Adding credence to this glorious eatery, is the sheer ambiance of old-world charm, directly contradicted by the modern, minimalistic décor, perfectly lending itself to any palate, any mood – and certainly, any occasion!

Take a stroll into Sundoo and get taken aback by the collage of South Indian and contemporary features, from the decadently piquant dishes, reminiscent of good Durban cuisine, to the décor and of course, the awesome background music, all setting the stage for an enterprise worthy of the Sundoo brand!

After all, the who’s who’s all find their way to Sundoo’s!