Tai Ping

The gorgeous leafy suburb of Newlands represents the epitome of dreamy Mother City living, with laid-back, eclectic stores that offer their own brand of charm and character, much to the appreciative awe of anyone taking a stroll through these heritage-rich, old roads.

One such hidden gem, is the ever-popular Tai Ping, deliciously located in a secluded cul-de-sac on the buzzing Dean Street, with its original launch way back in 1982, making it a rather sought-after stalwart to locals and tourists alike, with foodies coming from everywhere for a taste of their offerings!

This simple, unpretentious Chinese Restaurant is rated as one of the Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Cape Town, and a tiny, little bite from any of their dishes speaks volumes on how they earned this accolade! After settling into the tranquility inherent in this restaurant’s space, diners are treated to a fabulous menu, boasting traditional Chinese fare, authentically prepared and designed to be enjoyed alone, or as a feast shared between friends and family! From their famous hot pot dishes, their Honey and Garlic Ribs and Fong Li Pork, right to their Crispy Aromatic Duck, which consists of spiced, deboned, sliced duck with spicy salt and plum sauce, their foodies are spoilt for choice, delighting in the splendor of Tai Ping’s scrumptious masterpieces!

Find your inner peace and your tummy’s happy place at Tai Ping, with comfy seating, light Chinese music and the fragrances and flavours of authentic Chinese cuisine making this eatery the ultimate in dining experiences!