The hustle and bustle of Kromboom Road in Crawford, offers a tasty respite in the form of Tashreeqa’s Cake and Coffee Emporium!

This unique and independently owned restaurant claims the honour of being one of the very first Halaal dining establishments located in the Southern suburbs! Their menu is a veritable feast of taste, with fusions of local and international cuisine seamlessly co-existing on the same menu, and promising to leave their diners enthralled with their culinary delights!

Founded in 1997, Tashreeqa’s Cake and Coffee Emporium enjoys almost 20 years of serving the community, earning themselves a large number of fans and the accolade of having been a part of many celebrations, as families and friends meet here for a fix of the best coffee and cake on offer!

Every dish prepared at Tashreeqa’s is subjected to painstaking attention to detail, along with a carefully selected set of flavours, whether pungent or subtle, along with an exotic flair to entice even the most stoic of diners!

Make Tashreeqa’s Cake and Coffee Emporium your next foodie stop – and treat your taste-buds to a sensational taste experience!