The Armory

The Armory, situated in our beautiful Stellenbosch town area, certainly needs no introduction, evidenced by their copious amount of fans, rave reviews and the fact that they’re always buzzing with eager, excited foodies, ready for the next installment of what they have to offer!

This fun and vibey restaurant and bar boast the most electrifying vibe, uber-cool décor, and ultra-fabulous spunk, along with indoor and outdoor seating, catering for both, intimate dinners as well as sun-kissed meals under the canopy of Cape Town’s sky!

Hailed as the ultimate in pizzas and burgers, The Armory offers their diners traditional and innovate dishes, with a definite South African touch, accompanied by a variety of exceptional wines and non-alcoholic beverages!

While every dish served is created to the highest standards, ensuring picture-perfect, Instagram-able moments, The Armory has also added to its appeal with the provision of a variety of board games to keep old and young entertained and mentally agile!

This eatery was previously a Sgt Pepper, and their regulars acknowledge the same kind of vibe at The Armory, making it the coolest venue for families, friends, kids, and pretty much anyone craving some good grub!