TRE Steampunk Club Restaurant & Bar

The Mother City’s trendiest culinary strip, the uber-popular and vibey Bree Street, is also proudly the home of Tre Steampunk Club, Restaurant and Bar – who warmly invites their diners to revel in the delight of a meal with them!

This eatery owes it popularity to its cool brand, awe-inspiring food and a quirky sense of fun elements that seems to manifest itself in every component – from the name, to the exceptional service standards that are inherent to this enterprise!

Whether their diners fancy an over-stuffed burger, with patties marinated in Jack Daniels, handcrafted salad, or any of their renowned signature dishes, this gourmet restaurant is set to exceed every expectation and cater to every whim! Being die-hard steampunk fans, their passion is evident in the artwork adorning the walls and accents of steel and metal, hailing from the English steampunk movement!

Take a step into this industrial-techno eatery and find yourself succumbing to the pleasure of ravishing every dish you order, from the home-made pesto and mayonnaise, to the variety of baked goods, pastas and salads, all made from scratch – and often allowing patrons to customize their dishes! They also cater to anyone following a Banting or Paleo diet, as well as vegans and vegetarians – and offer an extensive selection of wines, craft beers on tap and in bottles, as well as exciting cocktails and gins, along with their own gin-infusions – and this paired with out-of-this-world desserts – prepares the scene for a night out worth remembering!

Innovation, impeccable attention to detail, a passion for food reminiscent of a time where meals were as much a social experience as a dining one, and an unrivalled ambiance, all lend themselves to the funky and edgy vibe that has become synonymous with Tre Steampunk Club, Restaurant and Bar!