Umami Restaurant

The lusciousness of Kommetjie tends to make any visitor forget about the concept of hustling and bustling civilization, surrounded by lush greenery and nature in her finest glory!

One of the most beautiful establishments in this town, is undoubtedly the Umami Sushi Restaurant, located on the Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie, and worth the drive for a fix of incredible sushi! This cozy restaurant offers their guests a fine dining experience, bringing the elegance of artistically presented sushi to this famous valley area!

Managed by partner and well-known sushi chef, Bo Zhang, who favours attention to detail above all else, the Umami Restaurant guarantees outstanding dining experiences, transporting their clientele to the heart of urban Japan in every bite! Claiming its name from the Japanese word, “Umami”, meaning “the fifth taste”, alluding to a pleasant, savoury flavour – this eatery ensures diners are in their fifth element after enjoying a meal here!

Whether diners opt to eat indoors or to watch nature at play in the garden area, Umami Restaurant, is a heavenly haven for sushi lovers and anyone seeking a unique dining experience where delectable flavours and awe-inspiring presentations compete for the limelight!