Villa Portuguese

The Villa Portuguese Restaurant, located in Vredehoek, is quite a stalwart in its area, securing its place at the top of the list of the local area’s favourites!

This unassuming restaurant employs the beauty of old-world charm, coupled with old-fashioned values of wholesome meals, packed with hearty nourishment and value! While this restaurant is uber-popular for screening sporting events, they also offer their diners a cosy dining retreat with soft lighting and fairy lights to add to the warmth of the ambiance.

Famed for being an authentic Portuguese restaurant, they invite all foodies to partake in their fabulous foodie fare, serving unpretentious, delicious dishes reflecting excellent quality – and allowing their patrons to enjoy the joy of real Portuguese cuisine, without needing to travel to Portugal, and without concern for the dwindling rand! Start your meal with some mouth-watering starters, progressing onto some healthy salads and wholesome mains, accompanied by your choice from their variety of beverages – and end off with a satisfying cup of coffee and the best of sweet treats for dessert!

Take your pick from grilled prawns, to Portuguese steak, prego rolls, pizza, pasta and a range of other delights - and relish every bite, the way we know you will!