Virtual World, Claremont

Claremont’s Virtualworld is an exciting playground for gaming enthusiasts seeking the thrill of adventure on their doorsteps!

Virtualworld, a gamer’s utopic paradise and South Africa’s first Virtual Reality gaming arcade, invites gamers of all skill levels to experience the ultimate in virtual reality technology, using the world’s most advanced VR solutions! Visitors are invited to fully immerse themselves in the out-of-this-world experiences, with the HTC Vive head-mounted displays and custom-built high-powered gaming systems, ensuring that gamers are transported right into their games of choice!

This thrill-per-second encounter is uniquely exciting, whether guests opt for single or multi-player games, and with an array of over 40 top games to select from, participants are faced with the dilemma of having to choose – although, they could, of course, work their way through the entire list!

Pick your new reality and virtually explore every nook and cranny your mind can conjure up, while you obliterate your opponents, or run from your enemies – or opt, instead, to traverse the terrain of foreign lands – all without leaving the Mother City! Oh, and did we mention your escapades can include anything from swimming with whales in the depths of the oceans, or perhaps transform into a Martian, walking the sands of Mars, while you contemplate the best way to save Earth and the human race as we know it, from Zombie armies!

So, when are we playing?