Yacoob Yachts, Tigresse

Picture this: a 62ft Sailing Catamaran, effortlessly gliding in ultimate opulence, and seeming to command a magnetic power of its own. Now ask yourself when you’re going to be on board to indulge in this lavish luxury?

Tigresse, as this majestic vessel is called, is perfect for morning, afternoon or sunset cruises and accommodates up to 60 people, so there’s no reason not to share the joy with your most loved ones!  This gorgeous vessel is owned and operated by Yacoob Yachts from Quay 5 of the harbour at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and is highly sought after for their signature Clifton yacht parties!

Step on this beautiful water-faring masterpiece and enjoy some sparkling bubbly as you watch the Mother City’s landscape transform before your eyes!