The trendy Kloof Street in the Gardens area, claims many great destination spots, some that have been there for ages, and some that form part of the changing face of Kloof Street as they come and go with current fads

Yindee’s, meaning “Welcome”, in the native language spoken in Thailand, is a very apt name for this welcoming restaurant, that lets its patrons know instantaneously that they’ve stepped into a second home!

This authentic Southern Thai Restaurant is mega-popular and has had the pleasure of treating Mother City dwellers to the finest Thai food for many years, and having been acclaimed as being the home of the finest, authentic Thai cuisine in the Southern Hemisphere, it seems Capetonians and tourists alike, have been in good Thai hands all along! Virgin Atlantic highly recommends Yindee’s and being voted the top Cape Town Thai Restaurant, proves to be the justification behind all their positive reviews!

Nirun Kongthong, the owner and head chef, believes in the value of authentic Thai cuisine, prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients and cooking techniques, and shares This value through everything produced at Yindee’s, with a family team of chefs using recipes passed down through generations! Indulge in any of their amazing Thai Dishes, and whether you opt for meat, chicken, duck, fish or vegetarian dishes, one thing’s for sure, they’ll be bursting with a mix of authentic Thai flavours!

So, Welcome to Yindee’s and allow yourself to succumb to their exotic flavours!